Core Aeration benefits

  • Reduce thatch build up
  • Increase water and air movement in the soil
  • Help reduce soil compaction
  • Help keep soil level
  • Help reduce roots competition
  • Increase the effectiveness of seeds, fertilizer and lime



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Core Aeration

 ​   In the months of September and October is a great time for core aeration of the lawn. Core aeration can benefit your lawn in many ways. By aerating your lawn it will offset many of the problems caused by poor soil composition and thatch accumulation. 

Excessive thatch layers can be another problem. Thatch is a tightly intermingled layer of living and dead grass plant tissue between the soil surface and the grass vegetation. Thatch also prevents air, water and nutrients.

Core aeration is a form of cultivation involving the use of hollow tines to remove soil cores, leaving holes in the soil. After the core aeration is performed, the soil cores will be left on the top of the lawn to act as a top dressing.  After a brief period of time, the cores will breakdown.



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